Daily Vocab For SSC Bank Exams WEEK 1 Day 3

This is a 50 days pledge to improve your  vocabulary for ssc & bank exams

our target 10 weeks 1000 words per week 100 words 
every day 20 words in a week 5 days we will lean 100 new words rest 2 days will revise the 100  words 

  we will discuss the words using picture to boost your daily vocab for ssc exam , daily vocab for bank exam. You can also learn this words by watching our you tube video below


Meaning : (Person/Object) able to fail/ likely to make mistakes.

Meaning : Someone/ Something, False/Wrong

Meaning : A Fault/ Mistake, especially one that happens when something is being planned/ Imperfection.

Meaning : Stupid mistake, especially an amusing one.

Meaning : Unintentional Embarrassing Act.

Meaning : Embarrassing/ Stupid Act in the social situation .

Meaning : Serious mistake, because of not taking proper care.

Meaning : False/ Mistaken belief.

Meaning : Silly Mistake


Meaning : A Grammatical Mistake in a speech  /writing.


Meaning : More important than anything else/ who is having supreme power

Meaning : It is very important because other things   depend on it.

Meaning : Too important/Most essential that can’t be avoided.

Meaning : Most noticeable/ Important feature of point..

Meaning : The most important person in the Company or organization.

Meaning : Most Important person of an Organization/ A part of a system, that holds together the other members.

Meaning : The time at which something Important thing happened

Meaning : A person who has a very important position in the Government/ Who is too powerful

Meaning : Who is impressive/who is having great importance or respect in the society.

Meaning : Dignified & Somber in manner, committed   to keeping promises.