Daily Vocab For SSC Bank Exams WEEK 1 Day 5

This is a 50 days pledge to improve your  vocabulary for ssc & bank exams

our target 10 weeks 1000 words per week 100 words 
every day 20 words in a week 5 days we will lean 100 new words rest 2 days will revise the 100  words 

  we will discuss the words using picture to boost your daily vocab for ssc exam , daily vocab for bank exam. You can also learn this words by watching our you tube video below


Meaning : Showing Kindness/ Free hearted to do good for others

Meaning : Pleasant & Kind/ Not causing Harmful

Meaning : Helping others/ Kind & not judging people in a negative way

Meaning : Uncontrolled/ Not Restricted/ Not limited in any way

Meaning : Kind & generous towards an enemy, especially someone who have defeated

Meaning : A person who helps the poor, especially by giving them money

Meaning : Willing to help more than is usual / expected

Meaning Very generous in giving others, especially in giving money

Meaning : Having good moral qualities & behavior

Meaning : Way of looking & behaving towards other people

Meaning : Polite & showing respect for other people

Meaning : Behaving in a controlled way/ Characterized by dignity & good taste in manners

Meaning : Good knowing of what to say & how to behave in social situations

Meaning : Being Honesty/Sincere/Correct in JUDGEMENT

Meaning : Suitable & Accepted by everyone

Meaning : Compatible / Suitable for a particular situation/ Occasion/Purpose/Person

Meaning : More serious & Calm/ Lacking in playfulness/ Showing no emotion

Meaning To be fair to others/ Taking lot of effort to do things correctly

Meaning : Being careful not to upset people/ Always thinking of others wishes/feelings

Meaning : A strong liking/ preference for someone/something