Daily Vocab For SSC Bank Exams WEEK 2 Day 3


This is a 50 days pledge to improve your  vocabulary for ssc & bank exams

our target 10 weeks 1000 words per week 100 words 
every day 20 words in a week 5 days we will lean 100 new words rest 2 days will revise the 100  words 

  we will discuss the words using picture to boost your daily vocab for ssc exam , daily vocab for bank exam. You can also learn this words by watching our you tube video below

Meaning : Impressively Beautiful, hence causing great admiration & respect

Meaning : Someone/Something  possessing an extraordinary ability to attract & their charm influences other people

Meaning : Cheerful, Attractive,  Confident & Fashionable, usually used to describe Men

Meaning : Person/ their behavior tending to attract with their exuberance/colorful display

Meaning : Attractive/ Shining brightly/Impressive through being richly colorful

Meaning : Shiny, Smooth & Superficially attractive

Meaning : Having/Showing a Serious, Calm & Composed manner that is worthy of respect

Meaning : To glorify/ To praise/ To raise in Rank

Meaning : A person who is very successful, Powerful & Rich in a particular business

Meaning :  Person who is willing to talk & engage in activities with other people.

Meaning : Tending to grow/ to associate with others of same kind.

Meaning : Place which is peaceful because it is far away from people.

Meaning : Someone who tells funny / interesting stories & liked by kids.

Meaning : A man in the past whose job was to tell Jokes & make people laugh.

Meaning : A person who is honorable to women.

Meaning : Person who is brave, Polite & attentive to ladies/ Courteous to women.

Meaning : Extremely Attractive, Glamorous & Fascinating.

Meaning : Something Godly/ Very pleasing & Delightful.

Meaning : Someone / Something that provides Gift as an advantage, which is utilized by people in need.

Meaning : Acts of Doing/Producing good to others.