A. I had reached the most exciting part of my Agatha Christie novel.

B. He was presently gruelling the Duchess seated in the arm chair.

C. Hercule Poirot had managed to get together all his suspects in one room and in his great style was cornering them into confession.

D. She had become extremely nervous and was on the verge of a breakdown.

  1. ACBD         2. CDAB  3. ADBC       4. CBAD


A. A courtyard enclosed the little room where the deity was kept.

B. Nayan stood at the entrance and looked in with amazement.

C. The forest grew thicker as she walked and then Nayan caught her first glimpse of the temple.

D. It was an ancient structure and the grey stone walls were covered with moss.

  1. CBDA      2. CDAB      3. DACB       4. ADBC


A. It is celebrated on November 5th usually.

B. A man called Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the King with gunpowder over 400 years ago.

C. A couple of days after you arrive we’ll have Bonfire Night.

D. It’s only held in England as it marks a moment in our history.

  1. BDAC     2. CBDA            3. BACD           4. CADB


A. Another advantage is that we can have an opportunity to learn to speak a new language fluently.

B. The main advantage of living somewhere else is that you get the opportunity to experience new cultures.

C. Of course, living away from home has its disadvantage too, such as being away from friends and family for long periods of time.

D. Should we live in one place for all our life or experience living in different places?

  1. DBAC     2. BCAD    3. BDAC        4. DCAB


A.He tried covering himself from head to foot with a sheet, but that was suffocating, so he gave up.

B. To his relief, Upen Babu found him a mosquito net.

C. The next morning he told Upen Babu about his problem.

D. Mosquitoes did not let him sleep the first night.

  1. DACB         2. ADBC          3. DCBA           4. CDAB


A. An allergy is a reaction of the immune system to a substance which is normally harmless.

B. These antibodies then attach themselves to cells, which contain histamine, which inflames the tissues.

C. One-third of us are affected by an allergy at some point in our lives.

D. The immune system in allergy sufferers makes antibodies against harmless substances because it believes them to be dangerous.

  1. CADB        2. DCAB      3. ACBD           4. CBDA


A. Miss Tredgold rapped on the door twice with her gloved knuckle.

B. A few moments passed before the door opened to reveal a man in grey sweater and blue jeans.

C. Florentyna stood by her side, silent for the first time since leaving school.

D.At last they came to a halt outside a newly painted red door which displayed the number 118.

  1. CDAB           2. ADBC          3. DBCA           4. DACB


A. In 1943, sudden retrenchment from his office due to the war cost him his nine year old job.

B. In 1934, Patol Babu gave up his factory job and came to Calcutta with his wife.

C. Ever since, Patol Babu had struggled to make a living.

D. The sailing was smooth for some years and Patol Babu was in his boss’s good books.

  1. BDAC        2. CBDA          3. ADBC            4. DACB


A. He went up to the king, bowed and presented a velvet case.

B. The king invited the men to make their presentations.

C.The court-room was packed with people.

D. Krishna Kumar was the first to come forward.

  1. CBDA          2. CDAB         3. ADBC         4. DACB


A. New research, however, has found that bilingual children speak their first fifty words and so on, at the same age as children who only speak one language.

B. Until fairly recently, parents and teachers feared that introducing children to a second language when they were very young could delay their language skills.

C. Furthermore, there is no evidence that children confuse the two languages.

D. In addition, there were fears that bilingual children would become confused in their use of language.

  1. ABDC          2. BADC       3. BDAC           4. ACDB


A. He never jumped or ran to chase another dog.

B. They looked very peaceful, the old man and his do

C. Every day at a few minutes past 5 o’clock they passed by our house and went down the street to the park.

D. The dog walked a few steps ahead of his master, slow and steady as if he were held on a leas

  1. BADC            2. BCDA             3. ADCB          4. CABD


A. We have flower arrangements to suit everybody at all prices.

B. We also make paying easy, and we accept all major credit cards at our shops or you can pay online.

C. Whether it is birthdays, weddings, or even the sad times like funerals, Fancy Flowers is there to make it easy.

D. Established in 2002, Fancy Flowers has branches all over the country.

  1. CADB            2. ADBC         3. DACB            4. DBCA


A. Thus, Daphne cannot resist the opportunity to scold them about their behaviour.

B. The children have been annoying each other just before the meal starts.

C. Daphne’s family mealtimes are usually tense because this is a time when conflicts in the family surface.

D. Also, they are rude about the food she has cooked, and Daphne gets upset by this.

  1. CBDA              2. BCAD       3. CDAB          4. BACD


A. It was interesting to find out that the centre operates 24 hours a day all year round.

B. The recent trip to the recycling centre was a very useful experience.

C. However, it was surprising to learn that the centre only collects 50% of the waste as a lot of it is used as landfill.

D. The main aim of the visit was to find out about the systems put in place to recycle waste.

  1. BDAC          2. BCAD           3. ACDB              4. ABCD


A. I kept quiet about it though because I didn’t want to sound grumpy.

B. We were helping at a nature reserve for a week.

C. I was getting a bit fed up because we had cheese sandwiches for every meal as the cooking team knew no better.

D. When it was my team’s turn to cook, we made a simple dinner of pasta and salad which was devoured in no time.

  1. BCAD           2. CDAB            3. ACDB            4. BDCA


A. And every time I stood under the shower, she shouted, “Don’t waste water.”

B. She had poisoned my mind with the lectures on social awareness, equal rights for the poor, India’s socio- ecological problems.

C. Every time I was about to take my first bite of a hot buttered Roti she reminded me of the starving millions in our country and in the whole wide world.

D. It was Priyanka’s fault – that stupid sister of mine- the social activist.

  1. CDAB         2. ADBC       3. DACB            4. DBCA


A. Gopu was not allowed into the main temple shrine.

B. But Gopu did not mind his work.

C. Pandit Ji had given him a little room in the courtyard of the temple and this was the only place he could call his own.

D. He would sit every evening outside the temple to look after the shoes and slippers of the devotees.

  1. ABCD          2. DACB        3. CBDA             4. ADBC


A. The last exam of the year was history, which had always been my worst subject.

B. So, I decided to write the dates and names of the important events on the inside of my arm.

C. This happened when I was about 14 years old.

D. I was useless at remembering dates and people’s names

  1. CBDA         2. DBCA          3. ACBD          4. CADB


A. He had agreed to feed him, pay him twelve rupees a month, and find him somewhere to stay.

B. A month’s salary was paid in advance.

C. Fotik had learned to handle his job quite well in the last five days.

D. Upen Babu was a good man which had helped a lot.

  1. DACB          2. CBDA            3. CDAB            4. ADBC


A. These fields in the countryside have often been treated with pesticides which are harmful to bees.

B. There is a new buzz in towns and cities in Great Britain.

C. Bee-keepers living in the towns have begun to outnumber those in the country

because plants growing in towns can offer more exciting nectar than fields in the countryside.

D. Bee-keeping, normally practised by people living in the country, has become a fashionable hobby for those who live and work in the cities.

  1. BCAD        2. CDAB           3. BDCA           4. CBAD

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