Daily Vocab For SSC Bank Exams WEEK 2 Day 4

This is a 50 days pledge to improve your  vocabulary for ssc & bank exams

our target 10 weeks 1000 words per week 100 words 
every day 20 words in a week 5 days we will lean 100 new words rest 2 days will revise the 100  words 

  we will discuss the words using picture to boost your daily vocab for ssc exam , daily vocab for bank exam. You can also learn this words by watching our you tube video below

Meaning : Working very Hard in a way that everything is done as it can be.

Meaning : Showing Care & Effort, with intense concentration in your Work

Meaning : Extremely careful & involving lot of Care, Pain & Trouble to complete a Work

Meaning : Hardworking & Dedicated with continuous effort & determination.

Meaning : Determined to continue to do to achieve something big despite problems & Setbacks.

Meaning : Having strong determination to do what they want & refuses to do anything else.

Meaning : Impossible to persuade/ Unwilling to change an opinion or decision.

Meaning : Refusing to change/ Unwilling to compromise.

Meaning : Extremely determined to act in a particular way, especially in wrong doing

Meaning : Great willingness, Cheerful readiness & Enthusiastic to do anything.

Meaning : An idea/Worry/Thinking that preoccupies the mind and holds the attention

Meaning :  Unable to stop thinking about something

Meaning : Having the power/Successful to produce a desired effect/Result.

Meaning : Stubbornly determined to do/to achieve something.

Meaning : Unwilling to accept defeat/stop doing something.

Meaning : If a quality, such as energy, interest or enthusiasm is unflagging, that never weakens.

Meaning : If someone’s trust or belief is unswerving, it is always strong & never weakens.

Meaning : Physically/Morally hardened, hard like rock.

Meaning : Extremely determined holding to a purpose, course of action or opinions.

Meaning : Enduring something, especially in spite of opposition, obstacles, discouragement.