Spoken English Classes in Bangalore

Spoken English classes in Bangalore is the ability of a person’s knowledge in English. Spoken English Course in Bangalore at Prasad’s Institute provides efficient training with certification for the students as well as professionals to develop their skills. Training is provided by steadfast & professional experts who are expertized in this field. Our aim is to have the students who have taken spoken English classes & has cleared the exams which were conducted to test their fluency & efficiency in Language. Spoken English Certificate clearly mentions the proof that the person has the ability to read, write, listen & speak.

Spoken English Classes in Bangalore
Spoken English Course in Bangalore is the ability of a person’s knowledge in English.

Prasad’s Academy in Bangalore is mainly designated to instill students’ English knowledge in all the four important aspects listening, speaking, reading & writing. During the training program, students will be introduced to all three levels of the language, Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced. Our motto is to help students to attain proficiency in communication & writing skills. By completing training at Prasad’s Academy, students become very well qualified to achieve their any future endeavors. It also helps to adapt current demanding job market.

We provide a comprehensive course that meets the current requirement of the market. Spoken English Course is designed by the experts which cover reading, writing, listening & speaking. Training will start from basics to difficult level grammar in English. Qualified & dedicated trainers, who are well experienced in skills & communication. Flexible batch timing like weekdays & weekends. Tutors are always available to clear the doubts of the students. Our coaching institute is situated in the student hub of Bangalore.

Basic level: in the basic level, we teach the students with basic concepts of English like Noun, forms of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, basics of tenses, conjunctions, interjection, prepositions, adjectives, confusing words, mispronounced words, reading comprehension, speaking practices, mispronunciations of difficult words & vocabulary & its importance.

 Intermediate level: in the intermediate level, we focus on the complex grammar portion of the English language. It includes Parts of Speech, Direct & Indirect speech, relative pronouns, gerunds, infinitive, participle, advanced verb, and active & passive voice. Phrasal verbs, idioms & phrases, homonyms, homophones, proverbs, abbreviations, articles, etc,

High level: in high level. We brush up on the session of the first two levels. It includes advanced grammar practices, communication with clients, communication with customers, email etiquette, telephonic etiquette, etc.

One can roll to any of the above levels. In Prasad’s Academy recap session of the previous level will be provided, if one opts for one’s intermediate & advanced levels.




  • Are our spoken English classes beneficial?

Yes, it is beneficial in all aspects & helps you speak fluent & correct English.

  • How could I improve my English?

One can improve one’s English by joining effective classes, watching English movies & new channels, vocabulary, daily conversations, reading newspapers, novels, books, etc.

  • What are the 5 skills of English?

Reading, writing, speaking, listening & vocabulary.

  • Is English a universal language?

Yes, without any doubt it is the second-largest native language & universal language.

  • Is English hard to learn?

It is one of the most difficult languages to master because of its spellings, grammar & pronunciation.