Ratio & Proportion Partnership Questions asked in ssc cgl shift wise

Ratio & Proportion Partnership Questions asked in ssc cgl shift wise

1)The ratio of the monthly incomes of A and B is 11: 13 and the ratio of their expenditures is 9: 11. If both of them manage to save 24,000 per month, then find the difference in their incomes (in ).





ans : c

2) A, B and C started a business in partnership. Initially, A invested 29,000, while B and C invested 25.000 each. After 4 months, A withdrew 23,000. After 2 more months, C invested 12,000 more. Find the share of C (in 2) in the profit of 233,200 at the end of the year.


b) 10,000



ans : d

3) An alloy contains 40% of silver, 30% of copper and 30% of nickel. How much silver (in kg) should be





ans : a


4) If p is the third proportional to S, 20 and q is the fourth proportional to 3, 5, 24, then find the value of (2p+q).


b) 126


d) 104

ans : a


5) At present A is younger than B by 8 years. If 4 years ago, their ages were in the ratio 1: 2. then what is the present age of B (in years)?


b) 20



ans : b

6)A and B start a business A vest. 33  1/3% of the total capital and B lavests the remaining If the total profit at the end of the year is Rs 1,62,000, then B’s share in rs is :


b) 1,12,000



ans : a

7) A, B and C invested 40,000, 48,000 and 80,000, respectively, for a business at the start of a year. After six months, for the remaining time of the year, A added 4,000, B added 4,000 while C withdrew 4,000 every month. If the total profit is 6.72,000, then what is C’s share (in )?





ans : d

8)A. B and C start a business. A invests 33 1/3% of the total capital, B invests 25% of the remaining and C, the rest. If the total profit at the end of the year is 2,19,000, then A’s share (in z) is:


b) 71,000



ans : 3

9) P and Q start a shop with a capital of 21.50,000 and 24,50.000, respectively. After a year, out of the profit of 1.60,000. P gets his share of profit plus some money that is not a part of the profit, as his salary. If P gets a total of 270,000, what is the salary (in 2) he received?






10) A, B and C start a business. A invests 33 1/3% of the total capital, B invests 25% of the remaining, and C invests the rest. If the total profit at the end of the year is 1,86,000, then A’s share of the profit (in rs) is:


b) 64,000

c) 61,000


ans : a

11)The sum of three numbers is 98. If the ratio of the first to the second is 2:3 and that of the second to the third is 5:8. then the third number is:

a) 30




ans : d

12) The ratio of the profits of P and Q is 5: 8. What is their investment ratio, if their investment time period ratio is 3: 5?


b) 12:25

c) 24:25

d) 25:24

ans : d

13) Three years ago, the ratio of the age of father to that of his son was 8: 3. After 4 years, their ages will be in the ratio 11: 5. What is the present age (in years) of the father?

a) 52

b) 51

c) 48

d) 55

ans : b

14) A and B had a joint business in which A invested  60,000 in the business for one year. After 3 months B invested 80,000. At the beginning of the second year, A invested 30,000 more and B withdrew 5,000. At the end of two years, profit earned by A is 35,880. What is the profit (in rs) earned by B, if they distributed half of the total profit equally and rest in the capital ratio?





ans : c

15) A and B entered into a partnership with certain investments. At the end of 8 months, A withdrew and collected back his money. A and B received profit in the ratio 5: 9 at the end of the year. If B had invested 236,000, then how much (in ) had A invested?




  1. d) 36000

ans : b

16) Numbers A and B are 0% and 50%, respectively, more than the number C. The ratio of A to that of B is:

a) 4:5

b) 13:15

c) 15:13

d) 5 :4

ans : b

17) A, B and C divide an amount of 10,500 amongst themselves in the ratio 5:7:9, respectively. If each one gets 500 more, then what will be the ratio of the amounts with A, B and C?

a) 5:7:9

b) 3:4:5

c) 7:9:11

d) 5:6:7

ans : b

18) Three partners shared the profit in a business in the proportion of 9: 8:11. They invested their capitals for 4 months, 6 months and 18 months, respectively. What was the ratio of their capitals?

a) 81:48:22

b) 27:48:22

c) 81:16:66

d) 27:16:66

ans : a

19) A and B entered into a partnership with investments in the ratio 3: 5. After a few months, A withdrew and collected back his money. At the end of the year, they received profit in the ratio 2: 5. After how many months did A withdraw?

a) 7

b) 9

c) 8

d) 6

ans : 8

20)Three partners X, Y and Z started their business by investing 40,000, 38,000 and 30,000, respectively. After 6 months, X and Z made additional investments of 20.000 and 15,000 respectively, whereas Y withdrew 28,000. Find the share of Y (in rs) in the total profit of 38,880 made at the end of the year.

a) 10880

b) 10950

c) 9800

d) 10200

ans : a

21)Person A started a business by investing 65,000. After a few months, B joined him by investing 50,000. Three months after the joining of B, C joined the two with an investment of 55,000. At the end of the year, A got 50% of profit as his share. For how many months did A alone finance the business?





ans : b

22) 80% and 90% pure acid solutions are mixed to obtain 20 liters of 87% pure acid solution. Find the quantity (in litres) of 80% pure acid solution takes to form the mixture





Ans 6

23) A man started off a business with a certain capital amount. In the first year, he earned 60% profit and donated 50% of the total capital (initial amount+profit). He followed the same procedure with the remaining capital after the second and the third year. If at the end of the three years, he is left with 15,360, what was the initial amount (in rs) with which the man started his business?





ans b

























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