Daily Quiz 11th Feb 2020

Welcome to your Daily Quiz 11th Feb 2020

1. Which of the following has maximum diurnal temperature difference?
2. What is the full form of ITCZ?
3. Which of the following winds are hot dust laden and blow from Sahara desert towards Mediterranean Region?
4. Which of the following has maximum biodiversity?
5. Fog, clouds, mist are examples of _______.
6. Which of the following is most important for absorption of heat radiated from the Sun as well as from the Earth?
7. _______ affect the rate of humus formation of soil.
8. The place on the Earth's surface above the focus is called the ______.
9. Precipitation in the form of a mixture of rain and snow is called
10. Instrument for measuring blueness of the sky or ocean is called ______.
11. Instrument for measuring rainfall is called
12. The country which tops in the production of cocoa is _____.
13. Deliquescence rises in
14. The vertical speed of air is called
15. A form of condensation which reduces the visibility and causes breathing problems, is-
16. The prediction of storm is made, when atmospheric pressure-
17. Dry winds (Harmattan) blows in Sahara Desert from-
18. What is the meaning of Willy-Willy?
19. The Mediterranean region is known for heavy rain-
20. In which country, slash and burn agriculture is known as “Milpa”?
21. What is known as Soil-free Farming?
22. The largest producer of coffee in the world is
23. Which of the following forest is resistant to cyclones?
24. What is the main natural cause of disruption of road in hilly areas?
25. Which Lok Sabha speaker has authored the book 'Matoshree'?
26. _____ can give the Union parliament power to make laws on matters included in the State list.
27. There are total ______ parliamentary seats (Rajya Sabha constituency) in Tripura.
28. Who among the following is not a member of any of the two houses of our country?
29. Which of the f ol lowi ng provi si on needs a special majority in Parliament?
30. Which State has the highest Lok Sabha seats in India?
31. Which of the following parliamentary constituency is the largest in terms of area-
32. Which Parliamentary Committee in India is normally chaired by a prominent member of the opposition?
33. If the Parliament has to appoint a committee for a specific task, it is known as-
34. Who can initiate the process of removal of the President before the expiry of his term?
35. Which of the following committee is not a permanent committee of the Parliament-
36. Which of the following is not related to Parliament-
37. If Parliament has to legislate with respect to a matter in the state list, the proposal for such is to be approved by-
38. Who approves a bill as money bill in Lok Sabha
39. Which article of the Constitution deals with money bills:
40. Raj ya Sabha is assisted by the Secretary General, who holds the rank equivalent to?
41. Which one of the following coins was issued in silver during the Gupta period?
42. Who was called Lichchavi Dauhitra?
43. The official court language of the Guptas was
44. Which of the following Gupta kings stopped the Huns from invading India?
45. During which Gupta King’ s reign did the Chinese traveller Fa-hien visit India?

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