Daily Quiz 16th Feb 2020

Welcome to your Daily Quiz 16th Feb 2020

1. What is a voluntary union of sovereign and independent states called?
2. Who among the following is constitutionally empowered to alter Scheduled Area?
3. Who is the father of ' Utilitarian School of Thought' ?
4. A government rules within limits set by constitutional law and citizen right.
5. Which among the following country is not a part of 'Second World Countries'?
6. Which of the following is not a branch of federal form of government?
7. What is the term of office of Chief Election Commissioner of India?
8. In _____ government each adult citizen must have one vote and each vote must have one value.
9. In which country political theory of 'Fascism' started?
10. Which form of government believes in giving equal rights and opportunities for women and men?
11. Is a form of government in which the rulers are elected by the people.
12. Who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of India?
13. National Democratic Alliance was founded in?
14. In which year was the First Five Year Plan launched in India ?
15. The ballot papers were used firstly in
16. Which of the following crops is banned by the Supreme Court of India-
17. Under which ministry, Central Pollution Control Bureau works-
18. Who said this “Good citizen makes good state and bad citizen makes bad state”-
19. Who said political science as “Metrology”
20. In which form of government the rulers are elected by the people?
21. What is the term of non-permanent members of United Nations Security Council-
22. Which of the following recommended three language formula-
23. Under which of the following article the Election Commission was established-
24. When was the Planning Commission set up
25. Who appoints the members of Union Public Service Commission-
26. What kind of right is “Right to vote”
27. An artificial navigation channel is called______.
28. Rivers in “Annular” pattern flow in which direction?
29. The Lena river passes through which country?
30. Which is the largest river of the Asia?
31. A drainage pattern where a river is joined by its tributaries approximately at right angles is_____.
32. Which of the following river crosses Tropic of Capricorn twice?
33. The reason behind broadening the river valley is
34. In which river is “Grand canyon”?
35. Muhammad Bin Tughlaq transferred his capital from
36. Which emperor shifted his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad?
37. Who among the following Sultans of Delhi has been described by the historians as the ‘mixture of opposites’?
38. Presently Daulatabad where Muhammad-bin Tughlaq had transferred the capital from Delhi is situatd near-
39. Where did the traveller Ibn Batuta come from?
40. Who issued a token currency in copper coins between AD 1329 and 1330?

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