Daily Quiz 9th Feb 2020

Welcome to your Daily Quiz 9th Feb 2020

1. Among the following States,______has the lowest birth rate in India.
2. Which of the following states has the lowest literacy rate?
3. Among the following states,the literacy rate is highest in
4. Where are homogenous group “Mangolab” found in India?
5. According to the figures of Census 2011,which state has the maximum difference in the male and female literacy-
6. As per the Census 2011, which state has the lowest population in India?
7. Which of the following is mainly responsible for the lack of female population in India?
8. Which state of India has the largest percentage of poors?
9. According to census 2011, which union territory records the highest density?
10. In context of population,which of the following describes the correct meaning of “Sex-Ratio”
11. As per the census 2011, what is the density in India?
12. Which of the following Indian state has the most no. of Scheduled Tribal population?
13. Which directive principle has the direct impact of the moral philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi?
14. Which constitutional amendment has made Directive princi pl es of state policy more important than fundamental rights?
15. Article 48A of the Indian Constitution ''Protection and improvement of environment and safeguarding of forests and wild life'' deals with?
16. Uniform Civil Code is mentioned in which article of Indian Constitution?
17. Who said about “Ram rule through village rule”?
18. Which Article of the Indian Constitution directs the State Governments to organise Village Panchayats?
19. Article-39A of the Indian Constitution “Equal justice and free legal aid” deals with?
20. Which of the article ensures that Directive principles of state policy cannot be enforced by any court?
21. Which of the following ensures economic justice to Indian citizens?
22. Which part of the constitution of India ensures the Social and Economic democracy?
23. Ideas of welfare state are contained in
24. Chandra Gupta Maurya spend his last days here
25. The capital of the Mauryan kingdom was located at-
26. Which Indian rular fought the Kalinga War?
27. Name the Greek Ambassador at the Mauryan Court.
28. During the reign of Bindusara there was unrest at ____.
29. In which Rock Edict Ashoka mentions about the casualities of Kalinga War and declares the renunciation of war?
30. Ashoka spread Buddhism all over India and Ceylon by-
31. The Greeks were driven out of India by
32. Which one of the following is the principle source of information of Ashoka’s campaign against Kalinga?
33. Arthasastra was written by
34. The monk who influenced Ashoka to embrace Buddhism was-
35. In Mauryan dynasty Kalinga war took place in the year-

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